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rock 'n' roll bikes

Rock 'N' Roll Bikes Rock 'N' Roll Bikes Rock 'N' Roll Bikes Rock 'N' Roll Bikes
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project overview

After successfully organising mountain bike trails competitions & demonstrations for over ten years, I was contacted by the owners of Rock 'N' Roll Bikes to help design and develop their new ecommerce website to sell a range of bikes and accessories.

A bespoke ecommerce solution was developed to successfully launch Rock 'N' Roll Bikes into the world of online shopping.

With a large database of products it was important to use the latest technology to make it easy easy to find the perfect product within three clicks. The solution provides customers with an pleasurable shopping experience, managed in-house by Rock 'N' Roll Bikes on a scaleable and versatile content management system.

what they think

We are a large bicycle and component distributor and we had a very dated and old website dating back to around 2000. We are not a strongly computer literate group, although we work daily on computers and know how to operate them. Our retail selling website was completely useless to us after the two people who knew how to update it, left our organisation.

When we first spoke to Blue Oxygen, it was in conjunction with their More Dirt website and we told them how impressed we were with it. They suggested that they could build a new website for us to replace our old one. We leapt at the chance and made it plain from the outset that we wanted a site which could be quickly and easily updated and most importantly that it could be operated by anyone with a minimal degree of computer literacy.

The site we have now taken control of, www.rocknrollbikes.com fulfills all of those requirements. First of all the site looks attractive and is well laid out for the public to use. More importantly from our point of view we can quickly and easily log into it, make changes, add new products, take out old ones update stock levels and generally maintain the site, using very easy to follow, step by step instructions. Overall we are very pleased with the new site, and Blue Oxygen have been great at sorting out the inevitable minor snags to get it all operating very smoothly. We now have to populate it with product, but we are already doing more business on it than we have done for five years with our old site. So our thanks go to Carl and his colleagues for all their hard work in producing the site for us and we look forward to working with them on this and other projects in the future.

Mike Poyzer
Owner of Rock 'N' Roll Bikes

project details

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